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Happy Clients Who Got Their Lives In The Works:

“As a busy woman starting a new real estate business, I was overwhelmed by paper.  I had no system in place to manage the flow of so much paper.  My homes office was in such disarray and flowing into every room of my home.  I knew I needed help. First to conquer the mess I had.  Secondly to get a system in place so I could easily manage the paper flow, not the other way around.  Thanks to Seattle Organizing Works, I am in control of the paper and now have more time to spend on growing my business.  It was well worth the investment.  Thank you!”
Nancy C.

“Liz and Amanda helped us move from a mess to a picture perfect home in 5 days in order to get it ready to go on the market! We were particularly impressed with their ability to involve the whole family in the process of becoming organized!  A big thank you for their services!”
Niels S.

“I have worked with Elizabeth and Amanda on several different occasions for home organizations and inter-state moves.  I would be lost without them.  They are hard-working, bright, funny and life savers.”
Mary M.

“Hiring Elizabeth is like taking a hit off the best joint in the world.  She is amazing”
Randi C.

“I hired Seattle Organizing Works to work on 2 projects for me (reorganize the back area of my studio and reorganize my home office.)  They did an amazing job with both. My studio area is now organized, and there’s a comfortable area for my employees to relax between clients.  My home office which was moved in to but definitely not organized is now beautifully organized and I’m not afraid to walk into it anymore.  Thank you so much!!”
Lara O.

“Elizabeth and Amanda really thought through my office move in all its particulars. They staged a great “throw-out” session, booked the mover, got everything boxed up and then marshaled the move-in and set-up of an efficient home office at the other end. I would use them again in any situation: closets calling! I really appreciated how they figured out my working style and set up little systems that make me more efficient. Plus they’re solid workers and lots of fun to be around. Thrilled with my new set-up and so happy I hired them.”
Cynthia H.

“Local businesses need to invite Elizabeth and Amanda to trash outdated files. We hired them at Cardiac Science and they went through hundreds of pounds of paper, sorting the junk from the valuable, and taking a great load off our administrative staff.”
Joe H.

“There is no way we could have handled this move without Elizabeth and Amanda.”
Pamela F.